SilverBox Network

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What is SilverBox Network?

SilverBox Network giving hoteliers the opportunity to add value to the guest experience through the interactive on demand video content and advertising via the hotel’s innovative in-room entertainment system.  SilverBox Network is a strategic business partnership platform between the interactive video on demand technology providers, content suppliers, hoteliers and advertisers. 

SilverBox Network creates promotional marketing initiatives that deliver a positive and memorable experience for the guest as well as reducing the high operating expenses that would normally be incurred by the hoteliers, thus enabling more revenue generation possibilities.  The instant demand created for the in-room entertainment solutions, benefiting the technology and content providers.  With the sustainable recurring revenue, quality of service is assured.   Advertisers will have the opportunity to reach consumers in a quality, distraction-free environment where guests are more likely to take notice of a sponsor’s message, maximizing the value of each marketing dollar.





The most successful operator in the hospitality industry have at least one thing in common, they do not compromise when it comes to providing the best possible guest experience.  A growing number of business and leisure travelers want all the comforts of the digital living room when they check in a hotel, including video-on-demand and high-speed Internet.  By providing guests with an in-room entertainment system, hoteliers are not only satisfying their guest‘s needs, they are also making smart investments that help increase revenue and reduce costs.

In-room     entertainment is a must investment


Providing  entertaining video-on-demand content

This includes free-to-guest TV broadcasts and featured movies.  Offering hotel guests a diverse and extensive viewing library through the convenience of their in-room TV sets.



Increase return-guest revenue

In-room solutions provide more points of contact with guests, thereby providing more opportunities to encourage repeat business. Custom preferred-guest promotions can be advertised and booked from the comfort of a guest's hotel room.



Provide additional revenue prospects

Other sources of revenue, such as local advertisement placement, promotion opportunities and online retail sales are possible using in-room solutions.