Airport Coach Media

Airport Coach is the exclusive bus operator that provides non-stop express coach service between Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) and KL Sentral station.  The service starts as early as 5.30am and ends at 12am mignight.  The traveling time is approximately 1 hour and their passengers ridership is about 100,000 per month.  Airport Coach will extend the bus service to KLIA 2 (the newest low cost & full service airport hub) after its opening in June 2013.

Airport Coach Express Service
  • 18 hours non-stop express coach service every 30 minutes between KLIA & KL Sentra station.
  • Average 1 hour trip journey with over 80 trips per day.
  • Over 100,000 local & international travellers per month.
Airport Coach Media
  • Airport Coach TV - On board 32" LCD TV with smart media player (Bus TV Media)
  • 1Eighty - On board reading lifestyle magazine
  • Airport Coach Ticket - 3 colour advertisement printing at the back of bus tickets.
  • Airport Coach Body Ads - Bus wrapping advertisement (full body / back panel).
  • Any other possible advertising / distribution medium.
Airport Coach Advertising Media Rate Card download below. 
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7 Mar 2013, 21:31